The iPhone 3.0 OS at a glance

By: kasash

Jul 17 2009

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Iphone OS 3.0

This is a companion to my ” The Iphone 3Gs at a glance” post about the new iPhone. In this post I will cover the new 3.0 software. Now this has been a MAJOR update, with many new features, including (trumpet fanfare please) Copy & Paste! So, copy & paste.

Apple really put some thought into this. You simply double tap on the screen where you want to start the copy paste, or on a section that you would like to copy. a neat little controllable highlight menu pops up, so you can select just want you want to. Above the section you just highlighted, there is a little black speech bubble with two buttons: paste, and copy. click on copy and voila! saved to your clipboard. You can then go to email or whatever and double tap again and you can select paste and there the text is put in place. Very nice.

Next feature! Now this something that I’m sure many people have been waiting for. Email in landscape mode! Finally you can use the wide keyboard to write your emails with even more speed and accuracy. Plus Apple added a search bar at the top of each of you sections (Inbox, Sent Mail etc.) so its handy if you have a lot of emails you wanna search through to find the right one.

Speaking of searching, now if you flick to the left of the home screen you get a full system search that goes through your iPod, mail, contacts etc. So for example if I search “Bob”, I get all the emails from my imaginary friend bob, all the Bob Dylan songs that I have, and Bob’s contact information. Quite handy.

Now they have also added better IM, you can now actually send photos, and other stuff like that. Now they have also now added a new built in app called voice notes. This is basically a recorder and the quality is very very nice, though not very loud unless you amplify it. With only 2 taps you can send it in an email, although you can only send about 1:55 of audio time per email. You can, however send then from your computer in larger sections (depending on your email provider), as the voice memos apear in there own folder in you iTunes library. You can edit the recordings with a pretty neat recording option as well, and you can select what to send and trim when sending audio from your iPhone.

This is a large update, including many things that people had been wanting for a while, and i think its a good jump for the iPhone. In new features i would rate this a 9.0 out of 10 and in awesomeness a 8.5, so about a 8.5 out of 10 for this new iPhone OS update. Thanks for reading my thoughts, description and review of the the iPhone OS 3.0.


3 comments on “The iPhone 3.0 OS at a glance”

  1. Unfortunately, iPhone also suffers from several issues that we consider to be relatively serious: first-generation hardware problems, some snags in customer service, and its lack of a user-replaceable battery are major reasons that some users will want think twice.

    • Thank you for that thoughtful comment Charles, I completely agree with you. Though in terms of hardware, now with the iPhone 4 coming out (on the day you posted your comment incidentally), the hardware end of things is very satisfying.

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