The iPhone 3Gs at a glance

By: kasash

Jul 17 2009

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looks the same, but inside is a new world.

Now, before I begin I want to say that I think that in general I like all three generations of the Iphone, and that I own an Iphone 3G myself, so sorry if I’m a bit biased. Now on with my review.

The biggest thing on this new generation of the Iphone is the new camera. People have been begging to Apple since the first Iphone came out for a camera that can take video; and behold! Here it is.

The camera is now 3 mega-pixels, has auto focus, and as already mentioned, can take video. Now the cool think about the auto-focus here is that when your looking at the screen, aiming the shot, you just tap on the thing you want to have in focus and presto! The software does the rest and you have what you want in focus, just ready to start filming or take a snapshot. You can even focus while recording video which is a very nice feature. The quality is quite good for both the videos and the pictures. Now, the bad news. One, if you have bad light, forget about it. This has been a problem in all three versions of the Iphone, but most phones have that exact same problem so you shouldn’t be too hard on Apple. Two, still no zoom! Arrgh! you can buy all kinds of fancy apps and equipment to get it but its digital and pixelated with the apps and you get this weird fuzzy, badly colored, out of focus area on the edges of your pictures with the equipment. Again though, many of phones have the same problem so its not that horrible

Apart from the camera, they have beefed up the processor and the GPS, so that web pages load noticeably faster than the Iphone 3g and the GPS is a bit more accurate and now has a magnetometer to go along with it, in other words a compass.

In all I think that this new generation has not made any HUGE leaps but its certainly getting better in many ways; the Iphone 3Gs is a evolutionary  not revolutionary. Overall I think that this new generation gets a good 7.0 out of 10  in new features and 9.5 out of 10 in awesomeness, averaging out at about a 8.o-8.5. Thanks for reading through all that, and I hope I enlightened your thoughts about the new Iphone 3Gs.


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