Weekly Music News With The Music Man-7/9/09 to 7/18/09

By: The Music Man

Jul 18 2009

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Ah, the news. A sometimes annoying and boring, yet effective way of getting information across. I’ve been thinking on what to write about next and I thought, “what’s restraining me from giving you some news about your favorite artists and your not-so-favorite artists?” Absolutely nothing, that’s what. I’ll probably give my own opinion on some of these. So, here’s the Weekly Music News With The Music Man. (Cue applause)

Let’s start off with the music news people have been following for week after week: Michael Jackson. Now on July 15, 2009, Michael Jackson’s infamous Pepsi Ad footage was found and unearthed by Us Weekly. This allowed Michael Jackson fans across the globe to watch the horrific accident that occured, leaving Jackson with second and third degree burns on his scalp and face. Some people even speculate that this accident is what indirectly led to the death of “The King of Pop” due to the fact that this is when Jackson began to have a dependancy on prescription medications. Pepsi responded, questioning why anybody would want to display such horrific images to the world. It is not clear whether they will have the video removed from the web, as they “don’t know where it came from” as Pepsi rep Nicole Bradley told EW.

My opinion: Personally, I don’t think it’s a big deal. I understand that the accident was horrific, but if Michael Jackson fans want to see what had happened with their own eyes, let it be. Now was this the indirect cause of his death? I’m on the fence about that. I can clearly see this is where his dependency on prescription drugs began. But, would he have stayed a clean guy had this fiery accident not happened? We’ll never know. But we can find out officially what was the cause of his death thanks to the autopsy report! Oh, actually, that’s been delayed another two weeks. Guess we have to wait longer!

In other news, Ozzy Osbourne, self-proclaimed Prince Of Darkness, has said that he wants to scrap guitarist Zakk Wylde. In an interview with Classic Rock magazine, he says that he feels that his music is now starting to sound like Zakk Wylde’s band, Black Label Society. Osbourne stated the he wanted “a change” and is planning to audition Rob Zombie guitarist John 5 for the open slot. Apparently, Zakk has been kept out of this entire ordeal and is left in the dark. On his Twitter account, Zakk Wylde posted, “I’m doing [the] BlizzCon [convention in Anaheim, California] with [Ozzy] in August and supposed to finish up the [new Ozzy] CD in September…This is news to me. I haven’t heard anything about this. Until I talk to the Boss, I don’t know. I love Ozzy.”

My opinion: Ozzy! No! What are you doing? Scrapping long time guitarist Zakk Wylde? Probably not going to be the wisest career decision. I mean you’d be losing a large audience who have fallen in love with the guitarist and his signature bullseye guitars. To fire such a loyal member of your band is to betray on a friend and hundreds and thousands of fans. Especially when you didn’t even talk to Zakk about it? Damnit Ozzy, just reading Zakk’s Twitter post, you can tell he’s going to be devastated.

And now on to the geeky video game stuff. The Rolling Stones, White Stripes, Elton John and Nirvana are the highlights of the latest wave of rockers joining Guitar Hero 5. This music video game, will feature an unreleased, live recording of Nirvana playing “Lithium”. It will also include the Rolling Stones’ “Sympathy For The Devil” and Elton John’s “Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting)”. Other artists that have hopped on the Guitar Hero 5 bandwagon include Bob Dylan, Beck, David Bowie, Beastie Boys, and Coldplay. Guitar Hero 5, with 85 on-disk tracks to play, is planned to release on September 1 of this year. (That’s 2009, for anybody that doesn’t know.) In addition to GH5, Activision will also release Guitar Hero: Van HalenBand Hero and DJ Hero by year’s end.

My opinion: Hoorayz! World rejoice! I feel this is great that they are adding so many new artists. It’s also great that they’re bringing classics like The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan to the setlist, also. The fact that they’re releasing an unreleased, live recording of Nirvana playing “Lithium” makes me giggle like a little schoolgirl. The fact that there are 85-on disk tracks to play means that I will buy it. But one thing is bothering me. Band Hero? DJ Hero? You have got to be kidding me. Activision is releasing them by the end of the year, which means they’re probably just trash used to milk the franchise. I think that since so many Hero games are coming out, Guitar Hero 5 and Guitar Hero: Van Halen, both of which are promising games, may be affected in quality. Just a possibility.

Now, something a bit different. A stage in Marseille, France collapsed, killing two and injuring dozens. Workers were working on the stage meant for a Madonna concert on July 19th when a crane gave way, causing a pile of rubble to come down. The concert has been canceled and Madonna has released a statement from the stage in Italy on 7/16. Now French prosecutors have launched a manslaughter investigation, interviewing witnesses and reviewing video and contracts to help determine whether safety procedures were followed during the stage’s construction.

My opinion: I really have no comment. It’s a tragic accident and I hope that the two workers that die will rest in peace.

As I reach a limit on my attention span and stories I can put on here, let’s go to a section I’d like to call:

Rappers Gone Beserk

This week’s rapper gone berserk is hip-hop star “Papoose”. He’s apparently been accused of “triggering gang violence at New York’s Rikers Island prison.” The rapper was apparently fighting former friend and Bloods gang member Miguel “Dough Boy” Jeffery. Dough Boy enacted revenge and fired shots at Papoose’s entourage, in addition to stealing a $40,00 gold chain from the one of the rapper’s relatives. During one of his concerts, Papoose called Dough Boy out, taunting him, causing tensions between the two. Officials now believe that this verbal attack has unleashed a series of violent actions within the Rikers Island Prison. These actions include eight stabbings and a total of thirteen assaults for this year so far.

My opinion: I really can’t say anything about this. I mean it’s a hip-hop star who decided to fight a gang member and taunted this gang member. What can I say? Rappers go berserk.


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