Weekly Wrapup- There’s a first for everything edition

By: Andrew

Jul 18 2009

Category: Series

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Welcome to the first edition of the Weekly Wrapup! This week we had the first post from the Music Man, our first videogame post, and a lot more.

So, to start us off on the first week we have a battery saving trick straight from Lifehacker. One option is the “Hand-Me Down” approach. When a high output device such as a camera or CD player renders a battery useless, a low output device such as a remote or clock could still squeeze out a little more juice.

Assassin’s Creed I was a huge hit. Set in Jerusalem during the crusades, you were playing as an assassin named Altaïr. Its revolutionary climbing system, beautiful graphics, and great game play made it very popular. Now Ubisoft, the maker of Assassin’s Creed, will be releasing Assassin’s Creed II.

Ah, the news. A sometimes annoying and boring, yet effective way of getting information across. I’ve been thinking on what to write about next and I thought, “what’s restraining me from giving you some news about your favorite artists and your not-so-favorite artists?” Absolutely nothing, that’s what. I’ll probably give my own opinion on some of these. So, here’s the Weekly Music News With The Music Man. (Cue applause)

  • This week we’ve gone iPhone crazy with a double dose of reviews.
    • The iPhone 3Gs at a glance

      Now, before I begin I want to say that I think that in general I like all three generations of the Iphone, and that I own an Iphone 3G myself, so sorry if I’m a bit biased. Now on with my review.

      The biggest thing on this new generation of the Iphone is the new camera. People have been begging to Apple since the first Iphone came out for a camera that can take video; and behold! Here it is.

    • The iPhone 3.0 OS at a glance

This is a companion to my ” The Iphone 3Gs at a glance” post about the new iPhone. In this post I will cover the new 3.0 software. Now this has been a MAJOR update, with many new features, including (trumpet fanfare please) Copy & Paste! So, copy & paste.

Apple really put some thought into this. You simply double tap on the screen where you want to start the copy paste, or on a section that you would like to copy.

Death Magnetic, Metallica’s newest album, was released to the world on September 12, 2008. Many, including myself, were wondering whether Metallica would redeem themselves after the disastrous and messy St. Anger album. I’ve recently bought the CD and I’ve found that this is a major improvement from St. Anger.

Let’s start with first impressions.


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