Frugal Friday- Free Airport WiFi Edition (just add a pinch of hack)

By: Andrew

Jul 31 2009

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Category: Computers, Frugal Friday


If you’ve ever gone to an airport with paid WiFi you know its a rip off, by the way free WiFi at airports. Well theres all ways a way around obstacles and there is one around this one too.

I found that I could easily visit sites like slashdot, Google, or even this weblog, when adding a ?.jpg at the end of the url. The next logical step was to automate that. I downloaded Greasemonkey and wrote a 4 line script that would add ?.jpg to every link in a document. That way I was able to browse most sites without a hassle.

The way the hack works is that the ?.jpg essentially tells the network that the page is an image. But because of that there is a limitation it will only work on networks that let images go through without redirection.

So the next time you go to an airport, connect to the network and enter a web address with ?.jpg after it.


Note: I have not personally tried it at any airport but at home the hack seems to work. Now this “hack” CANNOT work in a home network because you would have to connect to it first. The only reason it works in an airport is because they typically have an open network with a redirection page. (via Lifehacker)


2 comments on “Frugal Friday- Free Airport WiFi Edition (just add a pinch of hack)”

  1. I actually just tried this at a hotel and it worked! Reallly cool.

  2. Nice, but that doesnt mean that it will work in every single place. Check out the Debuggable site for the full article

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