WordPress comes to the iPhone!

WordPress has recently released an iPhone Application which allows iPhone users to edit, upload, and post to their blog right natively from their iPhone! Previously iPhone users could only look at the blogs on the web but could not use the dashboard or admin features of WordPress. This post was written using the new app.

Now it is not all peachy and perfect. This is version 1.0, and as with many version 1.0’s, it’s a tad buggy. The biggest thing I noticed was that, in landscape mode some times buttons are not shown on the upper bar of the screen. So when I first started writing this, the save button was not there! So I had to copy everything then exit the app, so I could paste everything back and the save button appeared. So apart from the bugs, it’s quite neat and alows people to post and edit when for example on vacation, or somewhere else without access to a computer.


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