Weekly Wrapup- Monthly Review

So ummmm sorry about the missing Weekly Wrapups, recently I haven’t been able to write up a Weekly Wrapup so this will be more of a Monthly Wrapup

This Month/Three Weeks you guys have (according to the stats) saved power on batteries, helped charties with SocialVibe, checked out the upcoming Halo game, and wondered just what this blog is about (are we really that confusing?)

Coming in first this week/month with a giant lead is Frugal Friday- Batteries

One option is the “Hand-Me Down” approach. When a high output device such as a camera or CD player renders a battery useless, a low output device such as a remote or clock could still squeeze out a little more juice.

SocialVibe comes in second with an explanation of the need for the great charity site.

SocialVibe is a great organization that let people choose a sponsor that will make donations to the cause of the website’s or blog’s etc choice.

Obviously you guys are pumped for the upcoming Halo 3: ODST boosting this post to be the only video game post that made the top 5

This looks like an amazing game. The same great game play as in the original Halo games but with some new and added features. It takes place 3 weeks before Halo 3, and you have just landed in New Mombasa, an imaginary city around the Kenya of the future.

For some reason our About page made the 3rd place position with a surge within the last week

Is a student, tech enthusiast, photographer, book reader, DIYer, overall geek, and swimmer. He enjoys learning to program, making computer art (Photoshop, GIMP etc) and tweaking his three year old laptop.

From these stats either you guys like to read about WordPress or a lot have iPhones because “WordPress come to the iPhone”comes in a strong 5th

WordPress has recently released an iPhone Application which allows iPhone users to edit, upload, and post to their blog right nativly from their iPhone! Previously iPhone users could only look at the blogs on the web

Also, I’ve decided to change the Weekly Wrapup to a Monthly Review because we don’t have enough viewers to actually do a decisive Weekly Wrapup.


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