The Apple Tablet?

By: kasash

Aug 09 2009

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September is coming up and that means that it’s Apples time to announce there new product, or next big upgrade. Since recently we have seen only upgrades… This September will most definitely be a new product. As usual, the web is full of rumors about what the next big thing will be, and there is one rumor that seems to be the most prevailing, and it is the apple tablet.

Some sources state that it will be like a giant iPod touch, with a 10″ screen (diagonal), and it will be the one that kills the Kindle, with a high definition COLOR screen, or the next big movie viewing device. A lot of pictures have been surfacing on the web of a giant iPod touch attached to a dock with an Apple keyboard sitting in front of it. Other pictures show it as a giant iPod touch sideways with a taller screen and stereo speakers on both sides.

Now what do I think of it? I think that it is certainly possible, but I am not sure which audience Apple would target this to and whether it would sell or just junk without a buyer. Anyways, it will be very exiting around September when Apple unveils its new product.


One comment on “The Apple Tablet?”

  1. […] is going to come but in his iconic black turtleneck and make an announcement next month about the rumored Apple Tablet. Keep your fingers crossed Find […]

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