Microsoft and Yahoo Getting Serious (in bed jk)

By: Andrew

Aug 10 2009

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Finally the longest courtship in tech history as ended. Microsoft and Yahoo have finally gotten serious. They have decided. The verdict? Well… nobody bought anybody. The only thing that happened is that Microsoft will now power Yahoo search. Users won’t see any difference from the prior the deal except for a small “powered by Bing” logo on the bottom of a page of search results.

Whats the Deal?

Microsoft and Yahoo have forged a 10 year partnership. During this Microsoft will be powering Yahoo’s search. This gives them a big boost in the amount of search queries allowing them to analyze the queries and improve the algorithm. And in return Yahoo hands over a significant percentage of the ad revenue; 12%.

So now what?

But what does Yahoo become if they just killed the very thing that made them what they are? In my view they are now an entertainment company. Have you heard of their OMG entertainment news section? Well apparently it beats by a lot (I don’t know the exact numbers WolframAlpha-it*). Which is mind blowing considering that TMZ is a site specifically tailored to the entertainment news cycle and Yahoo is more thought of as a search engine. Yahoo News is also one the if not the most visited news site in the world beating NYT (New York Times) and Google News by more than 100% in some cases.

So taking that into mind does Yahoo become a news outlet know that they no longer have a search engine? Are they simply changing their focus or are they radically changing their business?

What do you think? Fire away in the comments section

I am now stating that I have established the term “WolframAlpha it” (get it? Google-it, WolframAlpha-it? haha..haha…….ha …………yeah… not funny nevermind)


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