The big screen in a small package.

By: kasash

Aug 10 2009


Category: projector

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Recently there has been a new field of gadgetry emerging, the mini projector. Small enough to fit in your pocket, but delivers a big screen. It can be so frustrating when your trying to show several of your Friends a video on your phone, and they cant all get a good look. With a mini projector you just attach a cable to your phone and the projector, set it up on a flat surface facing a flat wall (or non flat to have some amusement), and have a big screen in beautiful color definition, without lugging your wide-screen TV everywhere.

One mini projector has caught my eye. The Microvision Pico P, is the size of an Iphone and even more light. Yet, somehow, it uses a 500,000 hour super-powerful LED bulb to shine a beautiful image on the wall. Depending  on the distance you have the Pico P from the wall, you will have a different screen size. In an airplane and not flying first class? No-problem. Hook up the Pico P to your phone, computer, game system, or other video source, project on the seat in front of you and vòila! The flight will be one of the best in your life. Or, you can project on the center isle ceiling and freak everyone out, making them wonder what the hell Halo 3 is doing on the ceiling.

Nothing totally great though, and because of its small size, it does have one major disadvantage over TV screens and big projectors: the way the colors pop out. With the Pico or any other mini projector, the colors dont really show themselves all that splendidly as a TV or big projector would. Still, if you don’t mind that I think its an amazing little thing for its size. There is competition how ever, and it really all sucks except for one brand that has a built in USB port, so you can store movies or presentaions right on a USB dongle and not have to lug around a computer. But its much bigger than the Pico and its video quality looks kinda washed out, so dont even think about it. I defintely think the Pico P is the winner. Its actually still in development, so dont start looking to buy it online.


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