Google Chrome gets a Boost

Google has released a beta version of its Chrome web browser. The beta introduces a bunch of User Interface upgrades and some new features. But the most noteable change is the intergration of a themeing system that allows users to customize the look.

Google released version 1.0 for Windows only in December, and even though the browser was initailly lacking of features it still gained marketshare very quicky. Added with the fact that Google has been fleshing out the features in most of the updates, including this beta, Google Chrome might start eating up some of Firefox’s or Safari’s marketshare.

thumb_dotsPretty Colors and UI

The beta release most noticibly brings support for themes which though not important is very asthetically pleasing. Google provides some sample themes right now but none really stand out. But there has been a design document that has been published that descibes how to create themes.

There was also one subtle tweak that went a long way to productivity included in the omnibox. It was the autocompletion that got the addition of icons to indicate the type of individual results.Its a small but useful feature to add and is pretty good

Under the Hood

A significant improvement in JavaScript performance is one of the key improventments in the beta release. Even though Google adopted Apple’s Webkit renderer, the search opted to build its own JavaScript engine. Dubbed “V8” Google touts that this version is 30% faster than previous stable releases.


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