Pressure Sensitive Keyboard by Microsoft

Microsoft is a software centric company (ahem Windows). But if you look around there is a Microsoft Hardware division. No they don’t make computers (hey its not Apple) they make keyboards and mice.

Later this year Microsoft plans on debuting a new keyboard prototype that will be pressure sensitive. Meaning that the keys will be able to record pressure. This could change the art of touch typing to eliminate the CAPS lock and the Shift because theoretically the keyboard could make the letter capitalized or not depending on the pressure. The backspace could delete either one letter or one word by also measuring the pressure.

For all we know this product might just stay as a prototype as Microsoft has not yet announce plans to turn this into a product.
It will be reveled at the User Interface Software and Technology (UIST) conference.

Personally I can’t really think of any groundbreaking innovations that will be possible because of this prototype but I’m bound to be wrong. At the top of my head all I can think of is a gaming implementation of the keyboard with the pressure dictating the rate of movement or the force of a punch.

So what do you think? Fire away in the comments.


One comment on “Pressure Sensitive Keyboard by Microsoft”

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