Link Farm – Ukraine’s Got Talent, Spammer-in-Chief, and Facebook

On the World Wide Web, a link farm is any group of web sites that all hyperlink to every other site in the group. Although some link farms can be created by hand, most are created through automated programs and services. A link farm is a form of spamming the index of a search engine (sometimes called spamdexing or spamexing).

First up is President Obama: Spammer-in-Chief from the Silicon Alley Insider. The cause for concern is that recently White House senior adviser David Axelrod sent out an email to thousands of people touting the administration’s heavily debated health-care reform policy. The thing is that none of the people actually wanted the email. So does this make Obama’s administration spamming corporation or a simply mistake?

Next is another article from the Silicon Alley Insider about Facebook. In these bad economic times most companies are getting rid of employees or going bankrupt. The few that are thriving are still only making marginal profits for the most part. But Facebook which is an Internet powerhouse plans on increasing the staff by 50%. Facebook, reported to have 250 million active users and 120 million users who log on daily, is well on its way to Internet domination and $550 million in revenue from advertising this year.

This time we are going to end with something I found on Twitter(Follow Me!!). Its a Youtube video of a woman on Ukraine’s Got Talent (I guess there is such thing) telling a story though drawing on sand. Beautifully simplistic.

Kseniya Simonova – Sand Animation (Україна має талант / Ukraine’s Got Talent)


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