Snow Leopard-Predictions, Guesses and Speculation

By: Andrew

Aug 27 2009

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The big Apple news on the street is that Snow Leopard will be released to the public on the 28th(tomorrow). Apple is greatly emphasizing that this will not be a massive update but more of a polishing of the Leopard operating system and the price reflects that and at only $30 the upgrade is a must. Now under the hood there are massive improvements so much so that some say that this is the biggest upgrade Apple has done in a while. So enough with the facts lets move to the fun part: speculation, predictions, and wild guesses that reflect our dreams.

In every edition of Mac OS-X there has always been the three or four features that Apple pushes with their own special icons and stuff. So this time its no suprise that Apple is doing the same and pushing various new features that they think are important, the thing is that this time their choice of features is weird. Of the various new updates they have decided to push, one of them is the smaller size of the OS. “So what?” you say. Well the question is that with gigabytes and terabytes just thrown around why emphasize a footprint decrease of the OS?

Speculations and Wild Guesses Part One

So why would they promote a size decrease? The answer that I would prefer to give is that there may be a smaller (*cough* tablet) computer (*cough* tablet) that would have only 16 or 32 maybe 64 GB’s of workable space (*cough* tablet). Or the answer that may make more sense is that Apple may be making a push for solid state drives which happen to be smaller.


Among the promotion of Snow Leopard Apple has also said that there will be basically a rewrite of the underlying systems and such so that there will be a major proformance boost. So does this mean that have just decided to work on it or have they done this to set the stage for a future release?

Speculations and Wild Guesses Part Two

Added with the low low price of $30 for a family pack or 5 licences and that this version will essentially sum up all the ideas that Apple has had from the beginning ’till now could mean that there is a MAJOR update coming in the next few years.

One of the main problems with Microsoft Windows is that they have the need to support legacy programs (older programs) and that inhibits them from massively changing the underworkings of the OS. But Apple has always just pushed ahead and those who don’t update are left in the dust. So with the low price Apple is almost insuring developers that they should and can take full advantage of the new features such as OpenCL.

In Your Face

To wrap this up there are two things I want to say in regards to the pricing. One the cheap $30 price is, as I said previously, a garentee to developers that almost all users will be using Snow Leopard. And two, its also basically giving the finger to Microsoft with the cheap price. And the only reason that Apple can do that is because they make their money on software and hardware and Microsoft is mainly a software company with a very small hardware division.

So all I can say in conclusion is that I hope Steve Jobs is going to come but in his iconic black turtleneck and make an announcement next month about the rumored Apple Tablet. Keep your fingers crossed 🙂


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