Facebook – a Social Media Maven or a Privacy Pirate?

With over 25 million regular there is no doubt that Facebook is an Internet powerhouse. Many many people trust Facebook with personally identifying such as age, gender, address, and phone numbers. I didn’t write this post to bash Facebook or to prevent people from going to Facebook (hey, I’m on Facebook).

facebook allow appCase One – Application Settings

Anyone who has used Facebook knows that the Facebook Apps are an essential part to the experience. The apps consist of games, quizzes and more but whenever someone uses an app he has to “Allow” the app to access information to work. The scary part is what you are allowing the app to do. The default settings include allowing the developer not only to see the answers of what you have submitted but all your personal information and all your friends’ personal information. Facebook’s response would be to say that you do have the option to change those settings but that it is painstaking to go one by one digging deep into the settings and changing all the authorizations.

The Fix

This one is easy to fix. Just remove access to personal information in the default settings along with access to friends personal information. But what if the app needs it? Then allow apps to specifically ask for access to certain things.

To Be Continued


3 comments on “Facebook – a Social Media Maven or a Privacy Pirate?”

  1. who is this kid?

  2. shut up kid

  3. the lead writer of blog wrote this post if your wondering…

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