An Apology (and one more thing)

By: Andrew

Nov 17 2009

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If you are a loyal occasional visitor to this blog then you may have realized that there has not been any posts recently. Well I apologize for that.
You see with the school year in full swing and homework piling up; I barely have time to type up this post.
But recently I have read some very moving blog posts and recommend you get occupied there while waiting for more regular posts here at TheLifeofaGeek (by the way you can follow me on Twitter to find out when that regular-updating-of-posts is going to be or our unused Facebook).
Build a cheap but powerful Boxee media center

Bytejacker (indie games podcast)

I am also thinking of producing a podcast and putting on the Internet… now all I need is a microphone and some friends.

And btw NONE of these links are paid for or am I in any way associated with theses parties… (I’m just a geeky 8th grader/blogger)

PS If anyone wants a Brizzly invite just comment with your email [username]@[domain].[com] but that’s only if you don’t want spam-bots to get your email.


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